About us

Here You will find all information about VoodooSales: values, purposes, idea

Kas mes

Today, YOU are trying to understand the unique solutions of staffing attraction and to see the talents that others have not yet discovered. Other talents that grow and grow together, cultivate culture and values, while at the same time aiming at finding more and more opportunities. By finding the best ones, you want to maintain their level of excellence and become closer to new business development ideas.

Head hunting, selection of managers and other staffs, sales and marketing training and strategic business consulting are our team of VoodooSales. We distinguish our approach, methods and experience. VoodooSales is a spirit of sales. Our inspiration and motivation are YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS. Long-term work experience has made it clear that talent «hunting» and further professional development and business development are art. And in order to be artists, we need to see more than the standard. So, we want to introduce yourself. Hello! WE are a little bit different:


Maximalism, high quality, dedication to work and trust.

We work with these values ​​each day in a team and expect our clients (present and future) to follow them. We do not just declare it, we live in it. Therefore, values ​​are the basis for our activities for communication and cooperation.

The team

Our team consists of professionals from the field with over a decade of experience in management, sales, marketing, business change management, human resource coordination, teaching methodology development and teaching.

We know that improving – means going hand in hand with your expectations, so we are an energetic team of maximists. We grow, think and create for you.

Let’s start with the initiator of this project:

  • Saulius Vanagas — as joking — in sales is from 5 years old, so having over 30 years of experience selling and communicating with customers. Sales, teamwork, strategic planning, change management contributed to sales a little later. Though Saulius presents himself and sees himself as a sales, marketing, business consulting practice, but he has decided to strengthen his practical knowledge on theoretical grounds, he has completed the master’s degree in ISM / Norwegian Business School Leadership, thus enhancing theoretical knowledge in strategic marketing, strategic management and leadership. Saulius often participates in various conferences both as a listener and as a speaker. Most often it can be seen at the largest sales conference «Pardavimų Formulė», where he has repeatedly read reports on sales and marketing topics and has been a participant in this conference since the conference is in Lithuania. Saulius‘ hands-on experience also relates to creative solutions for different companies (creative agency RIC), marketing decisions and high achievements in retail (ICG computers), change management, strategic decisions, management of large sales teams, development, coordination, selection of new sales teams and products, training both in Lithuania and internationally (FCR media). Here, along with the team, we achieved exceptional market results (5 exclusive Google awards brought to Lithuania). Saulius‘ Department had about 100 employees (active sales managers, key account team, marketing department and sales team managers — team’leaders).

However, «one outside is not a warrior», and that the «fight» would be more fun, there are also more professionals in the team:

  • Sigita Valavičiūtė is a sales professional of our team, who often becomes the primary contact with you – our clients. The long-term experience of active sales and the multiple sales leader’s position in sales professional team have led to expert knowledge and understanding of how long-term, project and impact sales are supported, what should be addressed to KPI employees, how to motivate them, and how to work with clients in order to buy goods and services. Sigita is a guru of books reading, which improves her worldview, expands her perceptions of business, advice and sales.

VoodooSales is a spirit of sales. If you are still reading, obviously, you want to talk with us alive. So, let’s get in touch — we promise you will not be «cheap», but we will offer quality results — oriented solutions that will allow you to achieve the desired goals through our specialists, through training or consultations. VoodooSales — the only one … magic 🙂