How to increase sales?

There is always in sales some goals to achieve better results.

by Dev

by Dev

There is always in sales some goals to achieve better results. These goals typically are provided by from owner to director, from director to sales director, from sales director to sales teams and etc. Typically to achieve better results is not so hard, just there are some factors which influence results more or less. So, these are the rules, allowing to achieve more:

  • Believe in product/service you sell. It is often heard, that sales reps although don’t believe, but still tries to sell. This is a big mistake in sales. If you don’t believe in products or services, you have some choices: find a way to believe (there you can ask some help from your managers or colleagues, who are successful in sales). The other way is to make the appointments with potential clients together with other sales professional, who believes in product or simply to speak with some loyal clients. They probably answer your questions, why they like the product/service and this would allow you to trust in it. There is also one more option – don’t work with particular services or products (is there is possibility to choose). The last choice, which is not worthy both, for you and for the company you work – simply vegetate without trying to change anything.
  • Professional knowledge of product/service. Don’t try to sell alone if you do not fully understand. You should as some help from your direct manager, speak with colleagues until you learn to do it right. Take time in the evenings, after work, on weekends, but learn as long as you know the product better than its creators. Forget the stories about the personal life and free time after work. If you want to be TOP employee, you will have to work more than others until you learn. Only in this way you will be able to sell more. Don’t forget, you are an ambassador of the product or service, face for the client, so your professionalism is determined by whether the client wants to work with you.
  • Sell not the product or services, but sell the solution for the client’s problem with a particular benefit. In this way the client will understand, why he has to pay more. It is often mistaken, when trying to sell product or service. So, every time speaking with client, presenting your offers, always keep in mind the question – “what do the client gets from that?” – because sales reps know what problems their product or service solves, but not the potential clients.
  • Do not sell the price. Only totally inexpert sell the price or a discount.
    Products or services are bought for meeting expectations and solving the problems. If you have those products/services – use your charm and faith and you will sell it without any discount. Of course, there will always be exceptions in the market, such as LIDL, where the price is sold, but despite that, it is possible to sell the bigger package of products/services than a standard (simply, there should be more products and so the price would be higher).
  • Give a discount in a small bite. Do not try to give a huge discount, because it will appear that your product or service are worthless. It is very unprofessional, when sales rep says that the product X Cost Y money by default, but when the negotiation starts or at the end of that the price becomes only ½ Y. This shows that the price was artificially raised. And this means that you think the client is simply a donkey. If you see that the client likes to negotiate, give him a small symbolic discount and do not be afraid to ask something for that (as an example, flexible payment terms). Ideally give not the discount, but simply an extra proportion of product/service. The client will feel satisfaction when he gets the discount after long and hard negotiation.
  • Always have the clear goals which you will seek. Only clear goals will let you to have high results, so if you do not have them yet, create now, because everyone wants something in life. But if you do not have the goals and do not want to create them, so the sales job is not for you. Better go and catch Pokemons.
  • Always keep high quantitative parameters. Only with that you could reach more. Even then, when you fail. If you are out of luck and you drop your hands – be sure, you will not sell anything. High quantitative parameters should be kept even when there is seasonality and the need for products or services drops.
  • Be the friend of your client. Let them have a possibility to call you anytime (day or at night or when you are “dancing the mating dance” with your partner). This will make you sure, that client can become your true client forever.
  • Keep far away from negative colleagues. Negative people do not let improve neither for themselves, nor for others.
  • Leave your problems at home. If you solve your personal questions or problems at work – be sure, that your results are lower than it could be. Do not forget that employer buys your time and hopes, that you will work for him, not chatting in social networks, read the news in portals or buy the shoes from e-shops. It is hard not to do that, but this is the only way to reach results.
  • If you feel that you are not in the mood – better do not call the clients and do not make an appointments that day. This will help you to avoid low quality sales. Of course, if you are not in a mood every day, better go to see a doctor, maybe you have middle age crisis or something you do not know. If this is not helping, change the job.
  • Plan your time. Every market of the sales has its own specifics, when it is the best time to call the clients, make an appointments and etc. plan your tasks, so that the most effective part of the day would be devoted for calls or meetings.
  • Do not be afraid of huge projects or extraordinary size sales. In practice shows, that the best sales guru sell the huge sums of money and whose contracts are bigger than the average of other company’s colleagues.
  • Try to give a client more than you promised. There are several ways: get the service done faster than you have, do more than you agreed, give something extra than it is written in your contract. The client will feel important and valued.
  • Keep the word you said for the client in any price, even you have to work at night or at weekends so you keep your promise. By doing this you will be able to form your image as a reliable partner in the market.
  • Keep high level of communication culture and good style of clothing. If you have high requirements for yourself, the clients will believe, that you will do more for them, too. Finally, it is pleasure to communicate with that type of person than with poor ones.
  • Do not have preconception before speaking with client. The preconception often does the harm when seeking high results and kills the sale.