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What is the sales leader? And what is a good sales manager? Is the sales manager is a good leader?

by Dev

by Dev

What is the sales leader? And what is a good sales manager? Is the sales manager is a good leader? What functions are performed by the sales manager? What size team should be led by an effective sales manager? When the company requires a sales manager? These and many other questions related to the sales manager, often swamp company managers or owners’ minds. It is no secret that, Head of Sales is a man who has experience in sales, management, leadership, personal contact and can not just sell himself, but also to collect the required command and reach raised sales targets. It is considered that a good sales manager can work effectively with a team of 6-12 people. The number of employees depends on how much it has the capacity and the desire to sell itself. The more people in the team to the sales manager, the less time it should pay for private sales (professional work), and the more of their time to work for the people (leadership) and control.

We help companies to select the appropriate sales executives, we help to create and maintain the necessary sales strategy, which ensures efficient work with sales managers or leaders. If necessary, we carry out sales department audit, consulting sales managers how to effectively work with your team to achieve the goals. Here you will find a list of job offers, which wanted the sales manager or sales director. Not all companies publicize their data, so even if you can not find a suitable offer, please contact us and it is likely that we will have something to offer you.

Sales manager earnings ranging from 800 to a few dozen or even thousands of euros (in exceptional cases) depending on experience with team and the services / goods he has. Of course, part of the earnings are a variety of accessories, parts – a fixed salary.

Remember, it all starts with personal selling. And if you are able to “sell” your working hours, you will be able to sell goods or services, which represent.