Motivation in sales is most important thing which lets to reach more

by Dev

by Dev

Often working in sales grasp has the lack of motivation, luck, nervous environment, the line manager, colleagues, products / services, and many other components. In such cases, you do not want to go over to the customer than to make or do something. There comes a time when you just think that you would like to get out of sales or a specific company. In such situations, every one of us has been. But the real selling artist ever did not do so, he attempts self “reboot” and “blowing” a new life for himself. Sometimes you need the smallest detail that again everything would be fine, but you can often even earlier to prevent demotivation, until it reached the maximum limit. We share personal experiences and practical advice on how to maintain a high level of motivation at work:

  • Most offices have at least a few “negatives.” Negatives – are people who usually work in the company already quite a long time and have lost motivation to achieve more. Therefore, they instead try to work and pursue their negativity trying to infect others. Yes, they are destroying other people’s motivations. Our advice to you – get rid of negative people. Try not to communicate with them, and if you cannot avoid this, make sure they understand that you prefer to DISCUSS and attempt to infect your negativity or destroy your motivation. This way, you avoid personal de-motivation, because the negatives are like energy vampires who give out negative energy in the environment, picking up somewhat positive (those who studied physics, know that the world of physics Q given = Q are obtained, in other words, the energy emanating from these negatives, it is generally identical to the transmitted amount of those who communicate with them);
  • Move out clear goals for yourself. Several years ago, the year, month, week. Goals can be both: about career as well as competitive. Follow these objectives. In all cases, when you see that start to be short of motivation to return to the goals, remind yourself that you can move towards and you cannot disappoint yourself. This will allow you to understand that you cannot lose. Accurate sure to make a note in front of you. Ideally, hang them (e.g., If the goal is a Porsche car – Hang it a shot. It will serve as a reflection of your destination, which will not let you forget their aspirations). It is guaranteed to have a significant motivation to work;
  • Try to interact and learn from those who are leaders in the company, which was always the optimists. Usually these people have a great motivation. It will infect you and optimism and positive motivation. Again, as with the negative people, so with positive has the same power-sharing rule, only in this case do not get the negative energy and positive, in other words, you get the motivation, not demotivation;
  • Call customer / s or go to the client / s who are satisfied with your serve by product / service or quality. This will allow you to breathe energy again. Of course, they will allow you to feel positive motivation. The more positive energy (motivation) of the satisfied customer is several times more important than the positive energy (motivation) of colleagues, such as energy implies that the product or service that you are selling is required, appreciated and helps to solve people’s problems. Undoubtedly, this will help you keep working motivation;
  • Exit holiday to exotic lands, or at least somewhere you can afford, at least for a few days to get away from the accumulated negative. Even those who do not like to travel, do so – it is guided. Environmental change very often allows re-inspire a positive attitude to life, to their aspirations and to increase the motivation to work;
  • Remember the projects that have been very successful, thanks to which you and the team have been the glory years. Such cases allow you to remember, as well, how high were the results and how you fared, and that cannot be “backward” now, because if you could once before, of course, you can now. Positive memories allow to achieve the proper motivation for further work;
  • Find a strong competitor in sales and throw him challenging him even not knowing it (or knowing). If you are a new worker, set goals ahead of a few months, one of the stronger incumbent, or even all. If you have been long employed, set goals surpassing sales of its leader or a particular group of products for some of the team members. This will allow you to achieve more. Much more difficult, if you are one of the sales stars, well, but in that case, you can set a goal to help the company overtake the turnover (sales) several other companies competitors. In any case, you will have extra motivation to beat.
  • The paper think about the problems that are in the house (if you have one) or away from work. Disclaimer work on problems that you suffer from somewhere, allows much more efficient to do their job and have higher motivation;
  • Find and subscribe to the leaders of the date of maxims, which will inspire you every morning for a new start. It is no secret, positive things – even if it is only maxims – allows to be optimistic. And optimism equals motivation;
  • Participate in the morning trainings with colleagues imitating client or sales specialist. Train yourself constantly. It will develop their skills in a professional level and will undoubtedly strengthen its position in resistance to stress and increase personal motivation;
  • Talk to your line manager and often put your thoughts and ask for his help, inspiration (provided that the leader is aware of what is the motivation and can assist you). A good leader will find ways to help you achieve a higher motivation;
  • Create yourself a new additional activities at work in order to create new challenges or motivation (this may be just a few ideas that you are offering, or help somebody team member to travel to the meeting, or the like.);
  • Praise customers or colleagues at work. People love to be praised. However, this will be a nice thing to do, which will not go unnoticed. This means that people sometimes will praise you. Each positive emotion, praise, achievement also promotes greater motivation and self-esteem.
  • Tell colleagues joke from which to make fun of more people in the team. So, inspire yourself positive emotions, well, and has increased the motivation to work;
  • Search social networks simply entertaining reading news or socialize with friends via chat, if you see that the tight time and need to relax. It also will help and encourage you to be more motivated. Of course, chat with those who have positive emotions rather than negative. This increases the motivation to work.
  • Organize a party with colleagues. Prog can create any kind, it is important that both you and your colleagues would like to attend. This will allow you and your colleagues again to breathe new energy. And as already mentioned before, energy equals motivation;
  • If the lack of motivation for the money, go to the online manual and just ask to increase your salary. Even if he will not increase, you will hear a long speech, what you should do and how to make it happen. Maybe, and this will be your source of inspiration and an additional motivation.

There are more motivation techniques. Here are the ones who are most affected by practice and tested during work with colleagues. Motivation – it is difficult to predict the long-term process that can change on any given day. So, if you want, that you or your employees would be motivated, contact us and we will offer you solutions to increase motivation.

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