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Personnel search in Lithuania


Recruitment, personnel selection, search or otherwise selection of employees is a complicated process in Lithuania. It takes a lot of time and effort to find the right employee. As you know, in recent times, in Lithuania, there is a lack of competent staff with the necessary experience and education. Extremely severe shortages are felt in the sales and information technology sectors. Sales are lacking in suitable staff starting with customer service or assistants and ending with executives. In order to find the right professional in your field, you need to use far more potential variations than ads on ad portals. As you know, often ad-portals are visited by those who are already frustrated by the work, the employer, and sometimes in general, not very willing to work. Finding a staff or selecting employees to place ads on job ad portals may take up to half a year or even years to find the right employee. Well, unless you take someone who will send you an CV regardless of which specialist you really need.

But there are other alternatives to speeding up recruitment, staff selection (search). An advisor can be used by staff recruiting agencies who have their databases or head hunters to evaluate recommendations. In turn, such services are provided by the Voodoo Sales team. We specialize in Executive, project managers, sales and marketing professional recruitment, personnel search & selection, headhunting. We have exceptionally extensive expert experience in recruitment, search of sales and marketing personnel, headhunting. Because we know that ads can only be a helpful tool in finding the right employees. We are engaged in headhunting, we review the recommendations, we carry out the selection of staff (personnel). Recommendations are very important to us, so we check the candidates by checking information about them with previous employers, colleagues, partners. Personnel (staff) search and selection facilitates and simultaneously influences the image of the company for which the employee is sought and the current market situation. If a company has a frequent change in employee turnover or a “tangled up” image, finding suitable employees for such a company becomes several or even several times more difficult. So, before starting to work with a particular company on staff (personnel) selection (employee search), we also evaluate the company’s market situation. Usually, for a successful selection of employees and recruitment of a successful candidate, the process takes 2-4 months. During this time, headhunting, interested candidates, personnel search, staff selection, verifiable recommendations are made and only then the candidate is presented to the employer. It is important for a meeting with employers to match the values ​​of employers and candidates, attitude to work, and responsibility. Only in this case we recommend further meetings between the potential employer and the employee. Basically, everything starts with values, so searching for staff (personnel) is very important for the purpose of evaluating the values ​​of the company and the candidates. They are like a foundation that determines further communication and attitudes towards each other. Do not forget, of course, and earnings. It must be motivating, competitive. This is especially important in sales. Because if you need a competent and capable salesperson (salesrep), then his earnings must be offered accordingly competitive.


If you are considering recruitment, staff recruitment in Lithuania and you are not sure if you have enough time and opportunity to find the right candidates (or have already tried and understood that finding the right candidate is not easy), contact us – we will talk, answer the staff selection questions you are interested in. You may decide that you can order these services through us more than your use personal time for staffing search, selection of employees.