Executive search, executive selection in Lithuania

We help to find right Executives: Executive headhunting, search & selection


Finding a suitable executive for most corporate shareholders, investors or directors is a big challenge. Managers have different management methods, characteristics, attitudes to work, values, experience gained, willingness to study, develop, communicate with colleagues, etc. And where there are also different departments, different companies, their culture, values. Thus, the executive search(executive selection) for most companies is a very complicated process, which takes several months.

The Voodoo Sales team is working on top executives’ searches, leadership choices in Lithuania market. But here, too, we do not abandon the basic principle of Voodoo Sales – to search using the “head hunting” principle. First of all, we try to hunt from the most targeted categories, the most appropriate guides for companies, departments. The next step is the database, where we have some data on guides that would consider the change in work. Then follow the recommendations, public databases and other possible ways to search for managers or executives.

The search executives, the selection of executives is the most responsible job in personnel search, since the executive is responsible for the further activity, results, and effectiveness of a particular department or company.

Executive search, executive selection is characterized by the fact that executives are examined in a very deep manner, performing both assignments and psychological fitness tests. Always looking for guides, recommendations from some of your past work. It deals with both former colleagues and subordinates, as well as with senior executives or even shareholders. Non-always negative feedback leads to a final recommendation as it is sometimes subjective, but negative feedback is also verified additionally to understand how specific responses are objective or subjective.

Executive search, executive selection on average takes 3-5 months, as the process often involves several different people, several meetings with employers, intermediate tests. Finally, not only employers choose, they also often choose employees, so the company’s market position, flexibility and values ​​are important.


Are you considering changing the executive (manager, director or CEO) in Lithuania market? Looking for a guide, selecting a manager? Not sure if you choose the right candidate? The Voodoo Sales team can help you. Our experience in selection of executives, executive search as headhunters and consultants will allow you to choose the most suitable candidate in Lithuania. Contact us and we will assist you in directing your search, leadership selection at this time.