If you are already on this page, you can probably interpret what is selling.


If you are already on this page, you can probably interpret what is selling. You are professionals in their field, or at least working in sales and came here in order to deepen their knowledge in sales. However, the front-running events for the eyes and knowing that some of the people who visit here, perhaps, and looking for the word “sales” definition, it may be noted that the sales – it’s a good or service switch into monetary unit mutually advantageous conditions. Sales are divided into many different categories.
It may include:

  • B2B (business-to-business), B2C (business to consumer) B2G (business-to-government), C2B (consumer-to-business), C2C (consumer-to-consumer), C2G (consumer-to-government), G2B (government-to-business) , G2C (government to consumer), G2G (government-to-government);
  • The product / sales of goods, sales of services;
  • Telesales, sales meetings, online sales, telemarketing;
  • Large sales contracts (real estate, luxury movable property, securities, technological solutions and the like.) and small sales contracts (insurance, advertising and so on.);
  • The long process sales, short sales process;
  • Sales for men, Sales for women.

Sales can be broken down and otherwise – by segment, turnover, regions, etc. Each sale, each market, each product or service has its own specifics, because in each case the sale of something in a certain part of the rules apply to all sales, and some is specific.
For example, do not try to sell large orders to new customers telemarketing on the phone, because it would only be a waste of time. Also it is not recommended to go to the meetings and to sell small amounts, as this would also be delays because during the day, ideally, it is possible to have several meetings with clients, and phone can talk to a dozen times more customers than during a meeting over the same period.
When selling a service business, it is very important what is the person who sells, because the service is intangible item, so a potential customer buys a service actually buying history, problem and someone who represents the service. Conversely, selling an item, one of the easiest tactics – to allow that thing to try to keep hands, touch, feel (ideally perform all five senses theory elements of selling only to the user before buying a product to be included in the maximum willingness to buy it). Different are even sales tactics for men and women. Men need clarity, specificity, Woman- attention, various alternative solutions, etc., Because usually women before purchasing are not sure and they just prefer, and men already have a clear view, and have the need.
Sales can be segmented in very different ways. All possible segments here we do not share, because it is needed a deep analysis to specific decisions and proposals on how to improve sales. If you feel that your company or you need assistance or training for product / service sales, please contact us and we will offer the necessary decisions.