How to sell on the phone?

Often, sales professionals, especially those who usually sells during the meetings, ask the question - "how to sell on the phone?".

by Dev

by Dev

Often, sales professionals, especially those who usually sells during the meetings, ask the question – “how to sell on the phone?”. Successful telesales theoretically accelerate the sales process, but there are many factors that determine successful transactions.
In particular, attention should be paid to whether the work is with business – business (B2B) or business – consumer (B2C) sales. If you work in business – business sales, selling on the phone will be more difficult than the business – to consumer. Also very important is, what services or goods to sell. If it is a low-value product or service, sales by phone will be much easier than in cases where you would like to sell large volumes of goods or services. Particularly large contracts generally not recommended to sell on the phone.
Good telephone sales consists of additional factors, of which sales professionals most often overlooked.
Here are some of them:

  • Introduce yourself full name (if the customer does not know you personally);
  • Chat only with a person who, in your opinion, makes decisions to buy (that is, the company manager, or Head person. Exceptionaly, manager, project manager or secretary, if those people make decisions to buy your products or services);
  • Inquire whether the potential customer can talk, if not – tune the proper time for both sides;
  • Check whether a person can sit at the computer, because it is necessary to show presentations over the Internet or at the time what you have to offer;
  • At the start of talk time, feel that your customer is listening and if there is not something that he could be compromised by;
  • Frequently ask questions, “What do you think?” In order to further involve the client in a conversation;
  • Be mindful of successful conversation structural principles: Short introduction, interview (needs clarification), the details of your service or product delivery, customer reaction perceptions, arguments / objections, the final proposal for the formation of the sales end, a brief discussion of what you have agreed (homework distribution).

Correctly following these steps, you can expect a successful telesales. Of course, tips on how to sell over the phone, we need more (both practical and theoretical) and we are ready for them to share with you on condition that you call or write to us and subscribe to our services, and while training, we will show more practical situations and tips and how to have a high telesales results.

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