Headhunting in Lithuania

Direct personnel search in Lithuania


Head hunting, it’s exceptionally difficult way to find employees through direct contact, job placement by phone or meeting. Head hunting is one of the most sophisticated, costly, but most targeted professional search. It’s much easier to place an ad on the job ad portal and expect the right candidates to send you resume and choose the one you want from them. But here are a lot of nuances. First of all, often you do not get the right CV. This may be for a number of reasons: you have entered an ad portal that has no interest, your ad has no interest, or perhaps your business is simply not appealing on the market. There are other reasons: uncompetitive earnings, very high demands, a great lack of specialists, seasonality, etc.

Here you can help head hunting, direct search. Head hunting can be done by yourself or you can invite a head hunting agency to help you find the right candidates. The only thing to understand is that head hunting will work only if your offer on the market is more attractive than the average for the market. If you want to “hunt” a competent professional in your field by offering a market average or even less, your chances of quarreling your employee will be zero.

The principle of head hunting makes it possible to reach fully-targeted workers. The head hunting agency can contact your competitors’ employees or any other person on the market who may be eligible for you, of course, if you can offer more and better than the company currently employed.

Often, it’s not easy to hunt down a particular employee at once. It takes time for the head hunter to contact the candidate, take time out as needed, then contact again, invite coffee or lunch, discuss opportunities, present the company’s position and attractiveness.

Head hunting works only for professionals and managers. Head hunting can only be done if you really have something to offer a potential candidate more and better. Otherwise, head hunting will be too expensive for you.


Are you considering looking for staff or hunting for headstones in Lithuania? We can help You. Contact us and discuss all job search or head hunting alternatives and options in Lithuania market. We have extensive experience in headhunting, direct job search, we know how to reach the right professionals in your field in Lithuania. But do not forget that head hunting is expensive and sometimes a long-term service, because the professional who interests you will not necessarily be interested immediately in your company.