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Different tools and methods are currently used to find IT professionals. As you know, the shortage of these specialists in the market is growing, so in order to interest them and attract them to the particular company or project, it is not enough to place a job advertisement and wait for someone to send you their CV. They need to be “hunted”, interested, attracted. VoodooSales agency has been working with different companies (FinTech, banks, logistics, IT service centers) for several years, looking for IT specialists. We have developed our search methodology, tactics and know how to attract the most suitable professionals for your business.


As you know, IT professionals are in different categories and have different experiences. We work with the following positions of IT specialists:

– Selection, search, headhunting of Programmers;

– Selection, search, head hunting of Data scientists;

– Selection, search, headhunting of IT solution architects / analysts;

– Engineer selection, search, headhunting;

– QA specialist selection, search, headhunting;

– Analyst selection, search, headhunting;

– Selection, search, headhunting of System administrators;

– DevOps selection, search, headhunting;

– Project manager selection, search, headhunting;

– Product manager selection, search, headhunting;

– Manager selection, search, headhunting.

Most of these specialists can be divided into junior, middle, senior experienced or front-end, back-end, full-stack specialists.

In some companies, it is important that the work would be done according to the Agile project management methodology or separate Waterfall and so on. Based on what business expectations employees have, we know where and what type of professionals to look for and try to get interested in.

IT specialists value specificity, clarity, suggestions, opportunities. Of course, it is also important for them which company the employee is looking for and how the selection specialist communicates with them, as much as he or she understands what he or she is talking about. It is important to understand what type of people we interact with and what we can offer them. VoodooSales agency is trusted by both foreign and Lithuanian capital companies, for which we have successfully found suitable specialists.

To find the right IT professional, the process takes two to three months before the right candidate is hired and becomes a successful part of your business. We present the first candidates in two to three weeks.

The selection, search and headhunting of IT specialists can be easy, efficient and high-quality if you choose the right partners who will help you find professionals in your field.

So if you are looking for one of the IT specialists – let’s get in touch. We are sure that we will find the right solutions for you.

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