Sales manager salary

Salary is one of the most pressing topics for employed and unemployed persons.

by Dev

by Dev

Salary is one of the most pressing topics for employed and unemployed persons. Sales manager‘s salary also is an important topic both working in active sales and planning to work. There is a saying that the most paid sales, the toughest job. In fact, sales professionals are needed in every company, but only professionals. Each company hopes to have a professional sales, because thanks to them the company is thriving. Of course, there are CEOs who do not want to pay employees a lot, but have a lot of hopes. In such cases, they are uncompetitive in the market and have to work at the start of the sales managers. Sales manager‘s salary consists of several parts:

  • The fixed salary (in some companies it is a minimum when in some – several minimum, and in some cases are as high as 2,000 euros and more);
  • Percent of results. There are many different variations: the percent of results in some enterprises are up to a few dozen or even thousands of wages, but there are those companies where the percentages for the results represent only a few dozen or a few hundred Euros. This proportion varies widely from the manager‘s effort. Thus, the sales manager salaries vary significantly depending on how much is sold. Percentages for the results can range from a few dozen depending on how competitive or uncompetitive product is offerred on the market and what kind of turnover and profits are generated from sales;
  • Quarterly or annual bonuses. In some companies, they are called thirteenth salary. There is already a long-term added bonus, allowing to be happy not only on short-term earnings, but in addition to the condition that the person achieved and exceeded his objectives.
    Sales manager salary depends on:
  • What is the experience of a person already has a sales;
  • Field of work;
  • Do you have your customer base, or not;
  • Whether to work with large sales or small;
  • A segment, in which he has experience: B2B, B2C, B2G.
  • How is negotiated.

These and other criteria basically determines what is or cloud be the sales manager‘s salary. Sales manager‘s salary with all the bonuses and other accessories can range from minimum wage to several thousand euros. Yes, you read that right – the markets and areas where sales managers in Lithuania earn several thousand Euros, but they are already market experts with their customer base and generate huge profits for the companies for which they work.
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