How to sell a product?

"How to sell a product?" - Often this question arises for those who are planning to go to work with the sales of goods / products sector.

by Dev

by Dev

“How to sell a product?” – Often this question arises for those who are planning to go to work with the sales of goods / products sector. So, how to successfully sell the product? What are the main features? What to look for?

When selling a product, there is a valid certain sale cycle (structure) with a number of components. While selling a product, advantage is that you can see it, touch it, so the sales process is much easier than selling a service, often resulting in sales specialists previously worked with service sales, easily assimilating sales subtleties.

Selling the product has one of the most important criteria: to give it to touch / try / test. Yes, if the product is of high quality, innovative – the probability of selling it significantly increases.

When selling a product, there can be applied brand-sense theory. I.e. all possible sensations theory – so the user can be much easier to stick the appropriate product. Feel it, see it, whiff it, hear it, taste it. Of course, perhaps a few items for which you can apply to all five constituent brand-sense theory formations, but the more they use and in some way associates with the product being sold – the easier it will be able to sell it.

It is very important what product you sell and who is the target audience. Since it depends on, which factors are leading to customers planning to buy goods, actions. For example, car manufacturers have complete methodology, how to illuminate the vehicle interior, how they shine, smell inside, which way you go through a test driving (if you drive along with a car dealer), what music should be played by one or otherwise driving, the technical and functional characteristics worth to highlight, and many other components that determine the success of the sale.

And what about all the “tricks” shopping centre, such as clothing stores – your chosen garment pickup and leeway to the pancreas, just to change your mind… After all, this is done only in the event of sale.

Do not forget active sales, also. It is valid for other rules, which is recommended to follow in order to achieve successful results. First of all, it makes sense to evaluate what is the size of products: large or small, because in one case it is worth it to sell on the phone, otherwise – in meetings. Of course, in some cases, even small-sales meetings with clients’ tactics are good, and in some – call or telemarketing sales model to sell larger amounts, but in all cases it should be tested with created sales strategy.

It is very important what is brand / product you’re trying to sell for: private individuals or companies. Also, important is whether wholesale or retail. For each case, different selling strategies and tactics are tried to ensure a successful sale.

We have much more tips on how to sell. We provide not only training or coaching, but also help to create sales strategies, tactical actions, advice of successful sales execution issues. We are confident, that our knowledge and suggestions will allow you to sell your goods more expensive, higher quality and with more confidence.

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