Sales strategy

Sales strategy - it's the same strategy as the company's management, marketing or finance.


Sales strategy – it’s the same strategy as the company’s management, marketing or finance. The vast majority of companies, however, do not have any sales strategy not only written on paper or computer, but they are often absent even among executives. In such situations, it is often a company is torn between different customer segments, sales models, regional, locations and mostly still do not reach the high sales results. Clearly, written sales strategy not only allows the manager to know which direction to move, and move the company’s sales, but also the key employees of the company would have clear vision. Only 1 out of 10 companies have a written sales strategy. Even in cases where the sales strategy is given, often not everyone knows how they should be involved in the process, how operate the sales of the company correctly and how they should contribute to a clear sales strategy enforcement. Sales Strategy – it is a plan of actions, as will be aimed at specific targets. It must be made clear and defined how much employees would have the meetings with customers, how many calls, how much time is spent on new customers, existing customer care, will be maintained as an existing customer loyalty and other factors affecting sales and customer retention.

A clear sales strategy allows the company to be aware of, or does not derogate from the objectives of which are posed to employees, to achieve the results and, if necessary, they can be adjusted to make the results more relevant. The advantage is: you will have staff clearly knowing your role, you can contribute to the company’s sales, increasing efficiency and greater results. Of course, when the entire team is working towards a common goal – better sales, it becomes like a team sport or hobby where all measures and objectives are clear and help each other, rather than jeopardize the achievement of results.

If you’re not sure whether your sales strategy works, or do not know how to ensure the effectiveness (or even more if you do not have it, in general), please contact us and we will help to clear sales strategy together according to your company’s situation, goals and available resources and advice successful sales strategy implementation and enforcement issues.