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It is said that the negotiations begin at the time the sale becomes of low quality.


It is said that the negotiations begin at the time the sale becomes of low quality. What is negotiation? The sales negotiations – at least 2 people negotiating the terms and conditions that would allow to start co-operation or make a purchase – sale transaction.
Negotiations usually indicates that the product or service that you are trying to sell a potential client is valid, but somewhere in the sales process, we ran out correctly performed steps that the client would like to immediately buy a product or service.
The art of negotiation allows to sell a product or service with some exceptions or discounts and still earn from it. Maybe a little less than you would have earned if you had correctly performed the entire sales process, identified customer expectations, realized customer type, identified how you need to offer a product or a product specifically for a particular client. However, it is already past. If you are on the verge of negotiating and want to learn the art of negotiation, you have to keep in mind some very important rules:

  • . If you are giving something that the customer wants additional, you necessarily have to get something extra – just the way the negotiations will be a full fledged;
  • If you give discounts to customers, give it after a long debate and argument with the customer and only a small morsel, as if once you give a significant discount to the client, there is a risk that the customer will feel cheated and negotiations in general, not be needed;
  • Better give some additional product or service than price decrease. With price reduction You only complicate the negotiations, well, and, of course, sell for as much as for you.

There is much more rules that are characteristic of a successful negotiation art. If you feel a lack of experience in negotiations or want to deepen the art of negotiation skills and knowledge, please contact us and we will help you.