Executive, sales and marketing specialists headhunting, sales trainings, strategy.


Our services cover the full sales department work, starting with the strategic plans or consultation, ending – coaching or just sales staffing, the Head-hunting. Sales – one of the most important (and for most companies, even the most important) links in the enterprise, but not all the time it shall be given adequate attention. Therefore, we have a wealth of experience in sales, sales strategies, their implementation, work with sales teams, their managers, marketing specialists Head-hunting – we are here to help our customers find the right solutions. We provide the following services:

  • Sales and marketing strategies, consulting, analysis, enforcement, sales performance audits, sales effectiveness solutions. Everything starts with the strategy, its possession, clear plans, knowing who is responsible, monitoring and enforcement. So, it is very important not only to have a sales strategy, but follow it to the company’s financial goals. Often it happens that even with a strategy, something is not working. This requires analysis of the audit from the side, in order to evaluate and propose solutions for the implementation of the strategy, or just its changing;
  • Sales Training: sales training for managers, sales training for representatives, sales teams training, sales training for companies, marketing training staff. Here, the training can be segmented into a much more detailed breakdown of active sales training, customer service training, secret shopper, services, sales training, sales training, telesales training, telemarketing training, sales meetings, training, etc. Training available both managers and managers for a specific business need. Training made in one-two days, repeated a certain frequency. In each case, selected and offered training, meet customer and employee expectations.
  • Sales and Marketing Recruitment, search, head-hunting. Most of our employees are found by Head-hunting support. Knowing the market situation demands, the demand for workers is higher than the employers – often not enough to share position in CV database and wait hundreds of candidates. Therefore, we work as follows: candidates are found through our existing database, recommendations, and other head-hunting resources, knowing exactly what the employer expects from a potential candidate.
  • Leadership, motivation, self-motivation training. Often, sales need to “Restart” people’s desire to work and achieve high performance to maximize sales and once again reach the required heights. Therefore, it is very important not only for the standard sales training, but also motivation, self-motivation, leadership. It is important that the work of the team leaders, as they “inflame” commands the overall objectives and results. Greater effect can be achieved in particular thanks to such trainings.