Telesales manager

by Dev

by Dev

Telesales – is a way to quickly sell services or organize meetings. Usually during the day you can have 4-7 meetings with clients, and phone can talk to 20-50 or even more customers, depending on the duration of the call.
In other words, sales on the phone (if they are successful) can be far more effective than the sales in meetings. Telesales are usually limited size of the order, because on the phone it is much more difficult to sell large amounts. Telesales commonly are used as introductory sales, which are not designed to sell large amounts or if the client already knows and knows the company, which has given service (for upselling). Telesales are for both B2B and B2C market segments. They require a few important rules to be followed:

  • Introduce yourself full name – and create greater confidence;
  • Be sure to ask if the customer can at this time talk with you, if not, suggest another time when he can talk. Do not talk, if the client does not have the time or say that “one minute”. It is usually only damaged sales.
  • Ideally, ask the client if he is able to sit down at the computer just to show the goods / services that you represent online. If the client can not sit at the computer, better cancel sales conversation, and please do not proceed, arrange time when he can talk to, because the graphic information can reach much more than words.
  • Make customer interested in the first few minutes, as if it will not be able to make conversation abandonment very quickly. So you must be inventive and creative during introduction and asking targeted questions to the client.
  • Do not attempt to sell expensive products or services for the client, if he is not interested. Ideally expensive goods or services for sale on the phone you can use as a channel to tune a meeting with a client and deliver the desired output F2F.

Here we put out just a few important aspects of telesales. It is much more to learn, if you contact us and subscribe to telephone sales training or coaching, during which we will provide practical advices and suggestions on how to achieve high performance.