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Looking for solutions to increase sales? Do you have a sales team, but are you unsure whether they work efficiently? Or maybe you have no sales team, you want to create it, but you do not know what solutions work and how is it recommended to work with the sales team to increase sales? We can help you. We have extensive sales experience in different markets with sales of products and services, sales team training, sales and marketing strategies, and the implementation of tactical sales in different businesses. Therefore, we are confident that we will find solutions that will allow your company to achieve higher results. We carry out the following sales training:

Active sales training;

Customer service training;

Sales training;

Negotiation training;

Training in sales of services;

Export sales training;

Solutions selling training;

E-commerce sales training;

Project sales training;

Retail training;

Telemarketing (sales by phone) training;

Field sales training;

B2B sales training | B2C sales training | B2G sales training.

We know that good sales of goods or services require the daily improvement of sales knowledge and skills. Each meeting with the client is like new sales training. However, such sales training can be “painful” for a company if a person tries to sell a product or service without having at least an average skill in sales. Our sales training offerings allow you to expand your knowledge, learn additional sales of tricks, understand how you can sell “otherwise”, and, of course, get additional motivation in your everyday work.

VoodooSales sales training has a strong practical components, analysis and adaptation to a specific customer in accordance with its market specifics. Typically, there are a lot of theoreticians on the market who have read books or once made sales before the X year, teach others who themselves are not working at all in sales. Such sales training may be effective, but far less beneficial than training, when you receive full information and advice from people who are salespeople, who work and work in sales for many years and are communicating with clients themselves, not afraid to go with trained staff to meetings and show various sales techniques in real meetings or phone conversations.

Sales training is available both for large sales teams (bulk) and for personal (coaching) bases. Sales training is organized for both: managers and reps, depending on the current market situation.

Sales training for reps usually allows them to improve their sales knowledge, quantitative indicators, gain more confidence, perception, and consolidate the correct use of sales cycle at the time of sale. Sales training for executives is more focused on working with managers, an analysis of work with managers, and places that can be adjusted to allow sales managers to achieve higher results with their teams. Sales training for sales executives is a more analytical, advisory nature that allows you to identify situations from the side and make the right decisions for the results to change in a positive way. Sales training involves a variety of internal workouts, analyzes telephone conversations with customers, analyzes sales conversations during meetings, reviews the entire sales process, offers corrections, and gives explicit feedback. In each case, sales training allows both the employee to take a different look at themselves and the manager to see the untapped opportunities of the employee and to reveal more openly, and for the manager himself to see where he can work differently so that the employees achieve higher results.

Typically we do sales trainings in Lithuania and Latvia markets, in English, Russian and Lithuanian languages (depends on client needs), but if You are from other country – just write us and we will discuss how we could help You.


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