Sales training

Selling goods or services perfectly has to be learnt everyday.


Selling goods or services perfectly has to be learnt everyday. Every meeting with a client is like a new sales training. However, such sales training for company can be painful if the person trying to sell a product or service without having at least ordinary skills in sales.
We offer sales trainings, which allows you to broaden knowledge, and to learn additional sales tricks to understand how to sell otherwise, well, and, of course, additional motivation for daily work.
Our sales training has a very strong practical part. Generally, the market has a lot of theorists who have read different books or sales done 30 years ago and they teaches others. In our view, such sales training are effective, but brings benefits less than the trainings in wwhich you will receive full information and advice from people who are selling in practice, working and working in sales for many years, and mostly communicate with customers, who are not afraid, together with training for workers to travel to meetings and show a variety of sales techniques in real meetings or telephone calls.
We organize these sales training:

  • Telemarketing (phone sales);
  • Sales meetings with clients;
  • Sales during the meeting;
  • B2B sales;
  • B2C sales;
  • B2G sales.

Sales trainings are available for both large sales teams (mass) and personal (the coaching framework). Sales trainings can be organized for both managers and representatives, depending on the current market situation.
Trainings for sales reps usually allows them to improve their sales skills, quantitative indicators, gain more confidence, understanding, consolidate the correct use of the sales cycle during the time of sale.
Trainings for managers are more oriented to work with managers, working with managers analysis of areas that may be a correction to the sales executives achieve better results with their teams. Sales trainings for sales managers are more analytical, advisory, enabling the identification of situations from the other side and make the right decisions, that results in a change in a positive direction.
During the training we make various internal learning, analysis of telephone conversations with clients, analyzing the sales call, meetings, review all of the sales process, give suggestions for the adjustments, give clear feedback.
In each case, sales trainings allows both the employee look at himself and also see the employee’s undiscovered opportunities and the same manager can see what can work differently, so that employees achieve better results.