Sales representative

Who is the sales representative? This person representing a company or a person and selling goods or services.

by Dev

by Dev

Who is the sales representative? This person representing a company or a person and selling goods or services. Here you can find jobs, that are suitable for sales representatives. Sales Representative is engaged in goods or services. A good sales rep must have at least three to five years experience in sales. Of course, you can be a novice sales representative. In this case, you do not have much experience, the company is still training you and the salary is much lower. Good sales rep has the following characteristics: sociability, orientation to the result, the desire to work and earn empathy. However, it often has a negative character, which sometimes become positive and allows to achieve high performance, it is: stubbornness, “walking through the wall” to achieve its set goals. If you think you are / could be a good part of a sales team, please send us your CV, we will offer you a well-paid job. If you think that you are starting a sales representative also send us your CV. If you are not sure whether you are a sales rep, contact us and together we decide whether you are suitable for sales job and what knowledge you need. If you are a sales representative, but you want to make a career, also please contact us – we have suggestions on how to become a sales project manager, sales manager or even a sales director. If you are dreaming at night that you are a sales manager, but in reality you are not, please contact us – it is obvious that you really want to be a good sales representative and, likely, sooner or later you will become a great salesman, but everything has its own time. Even a perfectly good sales rep was once only a beginner. By the way, if you want to earn a few thousand euros just communicating with people and selling goods and services, certainly, you – the potential seller.

In short: in all cases, we believe that if you are reading this article, you’re already a sales representative or in the near future you will be. So even if you can not find a suitable offer among our published ads, we are still waiting for your CV with expectations. We have no doubt that at some point we will help you to earn more.