Our clients reviews about working with Voodoosales

Algirdas Berdešius

“Abipa Holding” chairman of the board:

“It’s a pleasure to work with VoodooSales. In this difficult time, when there is a significant shortage of good employees on the market, especially in the area of sales, it is very important to have a partner, who can find the right employee for you in a professional way! Working with VoodooSales feels great behind us, allowing us to make ambitious development decisions! The VoodooSales team listens to our needs, starts to “live” with the company and is constantly around! After the recruitment of a new member of the team, VoodooSales directly involves themselves in the process of them introduction, provides external feedback, which greatly increases the likelihood of an employee remaining in the company. We are very pleased with the partnership with VoodooSales! They are real experts in their field! ”


Petras Butėnas

“Simplanova” owner:

We have tested a number of candidates for a selection agency and, in the long run, were disappointed. Saulius is a professional in his field who helped us find sales and marketing specialists. Saulius always responded promptly, accurately, openly and professionally to our requests for candidates. VoodooSales selection process is not standard, original methods are applied, which initially seemed unusual, but it proved successful – the selected candidates successfully work at Simplanova.


Kristina Jankauskaitė

AS “Magnetic MRO” Office & HR manager:

“Our company, operating in the aviation sector, is working with VoodooSales agency for a second year on recruitment and selection. VoodooSales offered candidates for sellers’ positions is nimble, active, motivated, and recruited employees still meet all expectations. Undoubtedly, we will work with VoodooSales in the future! ”


Dainius Baltrušaitis

“Confinn” JSC (Excecutive conference EBIT, Sales Formula, etc.) director:

VoodooSales helped us select new professionals for our team. It was extremely smooth, extremely easy and very effective at the time. VoodooSales found the right people faster than we could imagine.