Linkedin trainings

How to use Linkedin for export, sales, marketing, hr?


If you are considering about Linkedin trainings, we suggest you read this information. We are confident that reading this will help you make the right decisions. If you work with sales, exports, employee searches, marketing – Linkedin is one of the most important tools for you, but about everything from scratch.

Often, sales or export specialists do not want to work actively in sales or even more cold to customers. Cold calls are frustrating for most vendors. There are many ways to minimize cold calls through queries through marketing. However, there is another way – Linkedin. This platform is really different from other “business portals” or platforms. It is modern and has many features and capabilities and is popular around the world. There are currently over 420 00 registered people in Lithuania and around 600 million in the world. It’s really impressive figures for a business audience that can be “jealous” by any other business-oriented platform. With Linkedin you can:

  • Reaching a wide range of business representatives in different regions of the world;
  • Segment potential customers and work with them purposefully;
  • Increase the visibility of the company and strengthen the image;
  • Find employees;
  • Find your business representatives in different regions of the world;
  • Increase sales in Lithuania;
  • Increase export sales abroad;
  • Well, of course, to promote your goods or services with Linkedin.

For each of these features, there are different tools created by Linkedin itself. It is worth knowing and using them. But not just tools are available. Linkedin can also create content: post articles or share messages. Thanks to them, you can collect “like”, “share” and increase your awareness of the company you represent, or attract new customers. And where the number of contacts is expanding and networking. The higher your network will be, the more you will get with Linkedin.

In other words, the Linkedin platform is for: sales, marketing, HR. So maybe 99 percent. companies in one way or another know what Linkedin is and how to use this platform purposefully.

All of this we talk to and consult companies. In other words, we lead the Linkedin trainings, introduce the possibilities. Our training is different. We are practicing ourselves. The main lecturer on Linkedin spends a few hours a day at Linkedin and has been using Linkedin for over 7 years. Linkedin’s track record of over 18,000 business contacts and more than 90 percent of them. is a Lithuanian audience, because Saulius works with the creation of Lithuanian content on Linkedin.

So if you are looking for ways to increase your sales or exports – don’t hesitate – contact VoodooSales and we will come to you to teach you about Linkedin training and to explore the potential of this platform and advise you on how to use it for your business development and sales growth.